A push, drive and dribble to goal!

(Photo/Gabrielle Cassini)

(Photo/Gabrielle Cassini)

Gabrielle Cassini, Staff Writer

The adrenaline is high, the silence is deafening, anticipation for the faceoff grows. Smack! The ball quickly moves down center field towards goal. Game on! Freshman Laurel Robinson lives for these moments. 

At age six, Robinson fell in love with field hockey. Robinson grew up inspired by her older sister, a former Dulaney field hockey player, who she calls a “mentor” on the field. 

Robinson’s position is not exactly defined, but she enjoys playing midfield.

“In midfield I get to do a little of everything. You get to help defense, have the chance to score goals and transfer the ball between forward and defense,” Robinson said.

Although midfielders carry much responsibility during the game, Robinson is not phased when it comes to taking the job on. 

“I think Laurel is really good under pressure… that’s one of her strengths. …Her passing was phenomenal, her dodges were phenomenal, she fit in very smoothly,” said JV field hockey coach, Brittany Jackson. 

“Playing with all my friends is really fun. Every single day being together, I think the team has gotten a lot closer, so I am just excited and eager to win,” says Robinson. 

Jackson adds that there is incredible teamwork among the girls and they “continue to celebrate the small victories” and “motivate” each other each day. 

The next time a game starts to head downhill, expect Robinson to face the challenges and fight the obstacles.

“Relentless is a great word for her because I have never seen her get down on herself. Setbacks are very temporary,” stated Jackson. 

As the season continues, her diligence and confidence shine through and we are sure to see great things from Robinson.