Winter Sports Recap

Megan Puente and Kate Lakatta

Besides Dulaney High school’s excellent academics, they are known for their athletics. On November 15,  the winter sports teams got ready to start the season after Covid took away the opportunity to play last year. The winter sports include indoor track, basketball, cheer, wrestling and allied bocce ball. 



The Dulaney Varsity cheerleading team’s hard work has paid off. Normally they would perform at high school games but that has changed this year.

Varsity Coach Kim Bettencourt says “unfortunately we haven’t cheered for games since the new year with the attendance restriction from Baltimore County.” 

But besides performing at games, the team competes in county competitions.  At the winter competition, the varsity team hit zero, meaning they didn’t get any deductions on their routine and brought home a third place medal. The JV team had their county championship a couple weeks ago, and had a great performance with zero deductions.



The Varsity Wrestling team is 7-6 this year. Due to Covid the tournaments were unfortunately canceled, but the dual meets were still on. The team is led by captains Justin Sweeny and Sarah Sunday. 

“Sarah is the defending girls state champion and Justin is leading the team,”  said Scott Asher, head coach. 

The JV team this season was led by Chris Shorter and Jason Cantemiry who both won the JV county championship for their respective weight classes. Angelo Schuler, Cruz Maltos and Darius Evans placed fourth. 


Boys Basketball:

As the basketball season came to an end, the boys varsity basketball team is 18-2 ~ . Due to inclement weather cancellations and COVID, lots of games have been postponed But that hasn’t affected the boys at all. 

Varsity Head Coach, Matthew Lochte says  “They all get along really well on the court and off the court. You know when you’re spending as much time together as we are you know you’ve gotta get along to have success.” 

The JV boys headed in the right direction for this season.  The team has managed to stay strong and is sitting at 18-1. On February 24th, JV took on Towson High School for the big game of county championship.

Head coach James Dickey said, “there isn’t just one player to watch, we have a few. We are a team of 15 that play as one unit.” 


Winter Track:

Even though it’s cold outside, that’s not stopping track. On February 11th, the teams headed to regionals located at the Fifth Regiment Armory. The girls came back with a win for the 4×8 and the boys won regionals. At the same location states occurred on February 18th. For state’s Senior, Gavin Shaffer won the 55 meter hurdles and high jump. Ty Dailey won the 800. Shaffer, Dailey, Adam Yang and Tristan Forby won the 4×4. To end the season the boys were state runner up and girls got fourth in 4×8.


Allied bocce ball:

This year Dulaney was able to participate in Allied bocce ball. 11 Athletes and 24 buddies are part of the new experience. As of February 9th there have been three matches and Dulaney was able to win 1 out of 3.

Coach Shaw says, “We have had a lot of fun learning a new sport and making new friends this season.”