Sophomore Steals the Spotlight

Sophomore Steals the Spotlight

Megan Puente, Staff Writer

As the 2021-2022 Dulaney JV boys basketball season has come to an end, sophomore Travin Lane has made a good name for himself. This hardworking player is an outside guard for the Dulaney boys JV basketball team. Lane is averaging 14 points, three assists and three steals per game. 

Lane’s love for the sport has been non-stop since he picked up a basketball. Starting at 11 years old, Lane has been playing basketball. Besides playing basketball, Lane was a part of Dulaney’s JV football team. He is now a captain for the JV boys team. 

“Travin is the smooth, calm and cool player who’s creativity and grit has been huge for us this year,” said head coach James Dickey.

Through all the ups and downs including inclement weather issues and COVID restrictions, the team has managed to stay strong.  Over the past 3 years, this year is the best JV has ever done. They are sitting at 18-1 including their two scrimmages. The chemistry the team has is tremendous, everyone is always cheering and encouraging one another. 

When asked on how he wants to improve his season, Lane said “I want to become more of a leader and prepare myself for a bigger stage you know for varsity too.”

On February 24th, Lane started in the JV boys county championship game. The boys played against Towson High School. He had an incredible game once again. Helping contribute to get the win, Lane had 18 points, 11 rebounds, five assists, and four steals. 

“He bought totally into the team concept and there are players we have that follow his lead,” said Coach Dickey. 

Lane continued to improve during the 2021-2022 season. He has made a great impact on the JV team this year and will continue to help bring victories to Dulaney in the future.