Jones’ Final Dribbles


Kate Lakatta, Staff Writer

Girls JV basketball has had a successful season; they would not have been able to do it without their captain, Anna Jones. Jones is quite a character on and off the court, consistently displaying the qualities necessary for a teammate and captain. 

Jones has been playing basketball for about 10 years but took a temporary two year break and decided to make her comeback on the Dulaney team. Though basketball is only her side sport, she is able to absolutely own the court and contribute lots to the team’s unity and energy. 

Jones states that at the beginning of the season she didn’t have many friends on the team but is thankful for the fact that, “everyone was just really welcoming and came together really quickly and easily.”

As Jones greatly appreciated each of her teammates, her teammates also greatly appreciated her. 

“Anna is a great leader; she contributes massively to the team with intensity and is just a good captain overall! I can confidently say that Anna has been the best overall player and has a great attitude on and off the court,” said Emma Center. 

Because of the team’s success, Jones cherishes each game. We all hope to see Jones make a return next season as a Dulaney Lion but she is still uncertain. For now, she enjoys the time she spends with her current teammates. 

 Jones believes basketball has helped her build team chemistry because “it’s five people on the court so you have to really build trust with those people.”

 Along with that, this season has helped her improve her sprinting and leadership skills. Without Jones’  leadership, the team would not have the successful season that they had this year.