Fast Facts for Fantasy Football

Liam Gaumont and Brooke Ellis

Fantasy football is a game in which participants can create a team of players from all different NFL teams, and compete against other fantasy teams in your league. To create a team, you draft quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, kickers and defenses. Each week, you go head-to-head with other teams, to try and score the most points.There are two different types of leagues you can play in: Point per reception (PPR) and no points per reception (non-PPR). This means each player will either get a point for each reception or they will not. Points in PPR leagues are determined by how many yards your receivers or running backs get, along with how many receptions each player had and how many touchdowns. In non-PPR leagues, points are just determined by yards and touchdowns. 

To pick a team, most leagues get together and have a draft. Every year there are popular players for the number one pick. A school wide poll was sent out to find some of the popular top picks at Dulaney this year, which include: 

  • Christian McCaffrey- Panthers 
  • Dalvin Cook – Vikings
  • Derrick Henry – Titans
  • Alvin Kamara – Saints 
  • Aaron Jones – Packers 
  • Tyreek Hill – Chiefs

Week 7:

Through week 7, the top fantasy players have been Derrick Henry, Cooper Kupp, Mike Williams, Travis Kelce, Jamarr Chase, Jonathan Taylor, and Austin Ekeler. Notice how the majority of the first round picks have not been living up to the hype; that’s the beauty of fantasy football, a mid round pick like Cooper Kupp can be the highest ranked wide receiver. Number 1 prospect, Christian McCaffery, is still out from an injury, conflicting with many players because they don’t know whether to drop him or not. 

The top NFl teams have been the Cardinals, Cowboys, Packers, and Buccaneers in the NFC, and the Bills, Raiders, Bengals, and Titans in the AFC. The highest scoring receivers this week were Cooper Kupp (PPR: 37.6, Non-PPR: 27.6) and Jamarr Chase (PPR: 34.1, Non-PPR: 26.1). The top running backs this week were Damien Harris (PPR: 25.3, Non-PPR: 23.3) and D’Ernest Johnson (PPR: 24.8, Non-PPR: 22.8). D’Ernest Johnson remains a top waiver wire pickup after Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt got injured. 

Fantasy Football can encourage players to invest themselves in the season and create a newfound love for the game. Even people who don’t consider themselves “sports people” will love fantasy football.