Dulaney Allied Soccer Faces Off Against Hereford


Sophia Paranzino, Editor-in-Chief

In the first game of their season, Dulaney Allied Soccer competed against their toughest rival, Hereford High School. The first quarter saw Herford up by a narrow lead of two goals to one. Player number eight, Issac Kiggundu, scored Dulaney’s first goal, aided by his offensive lineup of Amanda Torres, Sam Fish, and Cara Beaufelter.

The second quarter did not go as smoothly for the Lions. A change in the opposing team’s lineup led to an additional three goals being scored against Dulaney Kiggundu scored another goal, but it wasn’t enough to stop Dulaney from falling behind with a score of two to five at half time.

After regrouping during their halftime break, allied soccer went into the third quarter with renewed vigor, which showed in their performance. After beginning the quarter with Dulaney possession, Kiggundu quickly scored two more goals for his team. Defense, made up of Libby DeSantis, Matthew Lewis, Nathan Ossakow and new player Ava Lutz, aided goalie Michael Oakly in keeping the ball away from goal. Oakley made save after save, only letting one goal in for Hereford. The score going into the final quarter was four to six.

Fourth quarter saw two more goals for the Hereford Bulls. Dulaney was then down by four goals with only minutes left. When it seemed sure that Hereford would make another goal, Oakley expertly stopped the players charging down the field to score. With less than a minute to spare, Oakley made another save, giving Dulaney possession of the ball. Forwards Fish and Kiggundu took the ball up the field toward their goal and with less than ten seconds left in the game, Fish passed to Kiggundu who was able to score a goal in the knick of time. 

Although Dulaney didn’t win their first allied soccer game, they played amazingly. Kiggundu scored a total of five goals with an assist from Fish. Goalie Oakely made a whopping 17 saves, preventing the game from turning further in Herefords favor. The final score was five to eight, Hereford.

After the game the Allied Soccer athletes gathered for their annual kick off party. The athletes and buddies ate Chick-fil-a while coaches Anita Shaw and Kirstina Korrow announced the buddy-athlete teams that are a hallmark of the Allied Sports program. While Dulaney lost their first game, today was a great day to kick off the Allied Soccer Season.