Will fall sports return to the Lions’ Den?

Cooper Woest and Eric Sugarman

     In the wake of the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals, sports fans across the country turn their attention to the MLB playoffs and the NFL regular season. However, thousands of high school students and athletes are awaiting the return of sports in schools. There are nearly 8 million athletes that participate in high school sports every year–most of which have had their seasons postponed or completely canceled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As Maryland and it’s schools begin their gradual return to normality, all Dulaney fall teams have yet to resume practice on school grounds. 

     Even though team practices are currently restricted on school property, many Lions have managed to work on their craft and practice independently in order to prepare for the potential return to the field. 

     “I have been training and conditioning when I can and working on figuring out the best schedule that would allow me to fit in practices, or meetings on throughout other schoolwork,” said Senior pole vaulter Matthew Sibila

     Sibila has expressed his discontent with the impact of COVID-19 on the 2020 track season and his senior year, which is crucial to Sibila’s plan to compete at the collegiate level. 

     “I have not had a lot of chances to make it to club practices, which would normally be happening at the Dulaney Track this time of year but use of the track for the club has been banned. The closest place for these club practices is 1 hour away. So, a 2-hour practice takes over 4 hours out of my day, something that I can’t afford while doing college applications,” said Sibila 

     Sibila is not alone in seeking the silver lining and opportunity during this time of uncertainty, senior volleyball player Lisa Liu has continued to stay fit in preparation for a possible fall season.

     “I have been working out every day and just getting in shape by doing a lot of cardio and lifting. Even if there wasn’t a season, I would still do the workouts that our coaches give us.”, said Liu. 

     Liu finds that little interaction with her teammates hinders their ability to improve as a group,but it has also allowed her to get better on her own.

     “Covid has made it hard for me to play with teammates, practice and meet new people but has allowed me to take more time for personal training. It’s hard to play volleyball right now because it’s such a hands-on team sport and there’s just so much you can’t do without others,” said Liu.

     Unlike Sibila, Liu has received more information from her coach.

     “I have been in contact with my coaches. We have meets every Tuesday and Thursday to update and talk about volleyball related things and plan workouts,” said Liu.

     Dulaney Football Head Coach Daron Reid has made sure that his players do not get complacent during this unexpectedly long offseason.

     Reid shared how many players have taken initiative to stay in football shape by organizing practices outside of school. “We have guys who are going to gyms…we gave them at home body weight workouts…Some guys joined a club to play 7v7. Others work out with personal trainers for skills and drills.”,said Reid. 

      Despite the looming uncertainty for the future, athletes like Liu and Sibila will continue to work hard and refine their abilities during this time. If and when sports return to the Lion’s Den, Dulaney athletes will be ready to go.