Siblings Skate to Success

Anna Albergo

When it comes to athletics, freshman Addie and Alex Erdman have looked past the traditional options offered at Dulaney to ice hockey. After watching ice hockey on television over the summer after fifth grade, Alex Erdman decided to take her first skating lesson. Only a year later she inspired her twin sister, Addie Erdman, to start skating lessons. Since then, the twins have pushed each other to an elite level.

Despite the fact that they are only 14-year-olds, they currently play for a Baltimore City based club team, the girls 16-and-under Baltimore Stars. In addition to their primary club team, they are both on the Maryland Student Hockey League Girls Northeastern team which competes in the newly formed Maryland Student Hockey League. To supplement her work on both her club and northeastern teams, Alex, a goalie, participates in a boys’ recreational league and a school team consisting of high school hockey players from Dulaney, Perry Hall, and Hereford. Rather than joining additional ice hockey teams, Addie played goalie for Dulaney’s junior varsity field hockey team this past fall. Her skills on the ice helped her as goalie on the field.

“I have a game sense. So, I can know what might happen and prepare for it and react faster,” she said.

The twins have an intense passion and dedication for ice hockey. They are on the ice for upwards of ten hours each week with practices during the week and games on the weekends. Both Addie and Alex were asked to play for a 19-and-under team at a tournament this past winter in a tournament. They contributed to the team’s second place finish in the tournament. For the past two years, the twins have both gone to an All-Star Game representing the Baltimore Stars. Addie says her biggest accomplishment so far has been making the USA Hockey player development camps which she has made the past two years as a goalie. The camp is very selective as it only takes one goalie from the southeast district which stretches from Maryland to as south as Florida and as far west as Louisiana.

Although their accomplishments are impressive, the most impressive part of their story is how they inspire each other to reach the next level. When asked about how their relationship as sisters affects them Addie said, “She’s really supportive when I try new things. We try to support each other and help each other practice a lot. We observe the other and tell them how to fix what they’re doing.”

Alex reciprocated the same feelings.

“It makes it a lot more fun when we are on the ice together. During practices and games she’s super supportive and a lot of fun. Just seeing each other get better helps us work harder.”

In a matter of years, the twins have already risen to the top of their region. Their passion for ice hockey and relationship as sisters has paved the way for their successes.