Motivated Freshman Leads the way in Softball

Sophia Paranzino

Freshman Junior Varsity softball player Ava Marrow may be new to the Dulaney softball team, but she is hardly new to the sport: Marrow has been playing softball for over seven years. In all her years of playing, she has cultivated a deep love for the sport.

Marrow said, “I was motivated to try out for the team because I have always enjoyed playing softball and would love to represent my school!”

Besides the Dulaney softball team, Marrow has also played on REC teams for numerous years, shaping her into the athlete she is today. When she attended Ridgely Middle School, Marrow played for the school team. Because of all her experience with the sport, Marrow has become leader for her softball team.

Brittany Jackson, the head coach for the J.V. softball team, said, “Ava is a player who leads by example. We can count on her to model the expectations and to take pride in all that she does. She never looks for short cuts. She puts in the work and encourages all around her to do the same.”

Marrow’s success as an athlete in part comes from her willingness to learn and her motivation to grow in her athletic abilities.

Coach Jackson said, “[Ava] is always looking for feedback and wants to ensure that she masters the basics.”

Marrow’s dedication to softball and the team is apparent.

“She has done every single thing the coaching staff has asked of her with a smile on her face and a commitment to doing it correctly. She pays attention to the details and she is eager to play – no matter what position we throw her in” said Coach Jackson.

Marrow’s passion for athletics is clear outside of softball as well. She is involved in both soccer and basketball at Dulaney.

Briana Alvarez, one of Marrow’s teammates on the Dulaney soccer team, said, “One of the great things about Ava is that she is an awesome team player and every time we did things at practice, she was always giving things 100%. She earned every minute that she played on the field because of her hard work and dedication.”

With her strong athletic abilities and motivation to represent Dulaney, Marrow will continue to strengthen Dulaney Athletics.

Coach Jackson said, “As a 9th grader, Ava has already impressed the Varsity coaching staff. Despite the setbacks we are experiencing this season, there is no doubt in my mind Ava would have made her presence on the field known. I can see her being a valuable asset to our Varsity in all seasons to come and I hope she continues to pursue her passion beyond the high school level.”