Athlete to watch: a silent leader

Junior Emily Mowbray is a role model for her teammates on and off the track. Mowbray has been part of the Dulaney Indoor Track team since her freshman year as a pole vaulter and sprinter. According to her coaches and teammates, Mowbray is a perfect fit for the team. Teammate Carmen Roy has been competing with Mowbray in track and field and field hockey together since their freshman year and has gotten the chance to experience the best Mowbray has to offer on and off the field.
“She is always doing the right thing, and always someone you can look to,” said Roy.
Mowbray herself agreed with Roy.
“I’m pretty quiet and introverted… but I still try my best to lead the other girls on the team,”said Mowbray.
Head coach of the track and field team, Eric Benjamin, would also agree with Roy’s sentiments.
“I would describe her a dedicated, hardworking, responsible athlete,” said Benjamin.
Mowbray is a leader for the team that athletes can look to for example. As the team prepared for their first meet on Fri, Dec. 6, 2019, Mowbray modeled the poise and confidence the team needed to be victorious—and they were as they took the second place prize!
“I am confident going into the meet. I feel like we’re pretty well prepared honestly,” said Mowbray.
Since most of the team has been competing together since the summer, Mowbray believes the girls trust in each other and that will be their secret to outcompeting their competition.
Aside from track and field in the winter, Mowbray participates in field hockey and lacrosse. She has been a member of the varsity lacrosse squad since her freshman year and she has been on the varsity field hockey team since her sophomore year.
After high school, Mowbray hopes to continue her athletic career in lacrosse.
“I know I want to go to college and play a sport, but I don’t know what I’ll want to major in yet,” said Mowbray.
Mowbray plans to continue participating in track and field, lacrosse and field hockey through her senior year. She is excited to play a few more seasons with her best friends and be part of her teammates’ successes!
“Sports here are just a lot of fun and the girls I play with always become like a family,” said Mowbray
As her track career continues, Mowbray will continue to embody the grace Dulaney athletes are prided for!