2019 fall synopsis

Grace Monacelli, Staff Writer

As the fall seasons have officially come to an end, let’s look at a recap of our athletes’ success!

The Dulaney Badminton team had a successful season as they only had one loss out of nine games. The team had a better record than that of any other team in their division for the 2019 fall season.
Cross Country
After running off a winning season, Dulaney swept the Baltimore Cross Country Championships on Oct. 19. The top 10 runners from Dulaney continued their season on to win regional and state titles!
In addition to supporting our fall athletes during the fall season, the Dulaney Fall Cheerleaders competed at Newton High on Oct. 4 and placed in the top 10 overall.
Field Hockey
Dulaney’s Field Hockey team closed their regular season with 11 wins and one loss. In their post season, the team made it to the state championships on Nov. 9, where they lost to Severna Park 1-0.
The Varsity Football team made it to the second round of playoffs for the first time in over five years. They faced off against Catonsville on Oct. 12, where they were defeated 21-19 in the final few minutes of the last quarter.

Men’s Golf
Men’s Golf had a victorious season coming out champions in all eight of their conference matches. Following their conference season, they continued to place first in districts and counties and eleventh in states.
Women’s Golf
The Women’s Golf team began their season defeating Hereford 184-206. From then on, they faced some tough competitors and although they were not victorious in every match, coach Jamie Bare said the girls gave it their all.
Allied Soccer
The Allied Soccer team won all but one of their games to Hereford on Oct. 23. They were number one in the county, ending their season with a total of 26 goals scored.
Men’s Soccer
Men’s Soccer brought home a regional title for the first time since 2002. Their conference season record was 6-6 with a total of 18 goals scored against the opposition.
Women’s Soccer
Women’s Soccer ended their season with five wins and seven losses. They defeated Catonsville 1-0 in their first playoff game and lost to Perry Hall in the second-round.
Women’s Volleyball
The Women’s Volleyball team ended their regular season with a 9-2 conference record. They continued on to the state-semi’s game where they lost to Western High. The woman’s team made it farther than the volleyball team has since 2016!

Editor Morgan Pierce contributed to this piece