Defender leads from behind

Cooper Woest, Staff Editor

After a stellar freshman season, sophomore defender Colson Felt looks to continue his success on the JV soccer team. At the beginning of his sophomore season, Felt was chosen to be one of the team’s starting defenders. With three goals and several assists, Felt has excelled at a position where scoring is very rare. Felt credits part of his growth as a player to older players who mentored him.
“Last year, I learned from older players and this year I’ve used what they taught me from last year to help my game grow,” Felt said.
Felt’s drive and determination has caught the attention of head coach Daniel LaHatte.
“Colson is a diligent worker. Every day, whether it is for a practice or game, Colson is prepared to put himself and his teammates in a positive position,” said LaHatte.
Felt believes that a positive attitude is important in order to win games.
“Say someone scores a goal, it’s like a chain reaction to help other people start scoring,” he said. “If we lose, we don’t get down on ourselves or all sad and don’t move on, we learn from it and whatever we did wrong in that game.”
The team is currently 10-1-1 and 5-1 in their conference. They look to become better by continuing to work in practice.
“In practice you got to play like a game, so we set up the drills like we would in a game situation and then from there we learn what we should do in that situation, so we know what to do in a game,” Felt said.
Besides polishing their skills in practice, Felt and the team finds it easier to win with their team chemistry.
“I have a lot of friends from school and I’ve grown my relationships with them and that’s helped our chemistry a little bit,” said Felt. “Coach LaHatte is also a very good coach and he’s helped us grow over the years.”

Felt looks to become a leader like the players that taught him and use that to move on to varsity his junior year. Felt wants to help newer players become better by giving them advice and leading them on the field.
“I’d recommend for freshman to learn from your peers and older players who are experienced and take that knowledge into the future to help your game and improve.”