Sophomore radiates positivity

Sophie Sturiale

Sophomore Sofia Lopez knows how to lead the team with positivity. Lopez has been playing field hockey for nine years and has spent the last two years as a part of the Dulaney junior varsity team. According to her coaches and teammates, she has taken a serious leadership role this year as well as continuing to be a very prominent player.

“Whenever you mess up, she is not only super forgiving, but also helps you get better,” said Sophomore rookie, Francesca Murray.

“She’s become more outgoing I’d say, and more positive” said Ryan Patterson when commenting on how the team has changed Lopez. Patterson also explained Lopez’s fearless and positive attitude on the field.

New and returning teammates say Lopez is always happy and encouraging to everyone. Former junior varsity coach Brittany Jackson said, “She’s always happy, she’s always in a good mood, but she knows when to take things seriously.”

Freshman Olivia Anderson said that “She’s a great friend, on and off the field.” Murry reiterates how Lopez’s outgoing personality helps bring the team together.

Both Anderson and Patterson mention that Lopez is one of the best runners and seeing her push her self makes them want to work harder.

Some of Lopez’s favorite memories with the team are team dinners and winning county championships.
“Everyone on the team is very nice and supportive and it just a good community to be a part of,” said Lopez.

Unfortunately, as the season is just starting to wrap up Lopez has broken her thumb in two places and will most likely be out for the rest of the season. Although, this won’t stop her from supporting her teammates as they finish out this year.

“The doctor told me my season was most likely over and so I started crying because I love field hockey and I didn’t prepare myself to hear that.” Lopez says when explaining the story.

However, after some convincing her doctor says she will be able to come back just in time for county championships.

Lopez strives to be a guiding light for new players and not only be there for them as a team mate, but also as a friend.

Lopez hopes continue her career onto the varsity team, then eventually in college, following in the footsteps of her sisters. Teammates and coaches agree that Lopez brings leadership to this team in a new way and has helped to lead this season.