Senior’s drive energizes

Grace Monacelli

Embodying pure strength, poise and grace, senior Jen Bai is a strong presence on and off the badminton court. Bai, who has been an active part of the badminton program since the start of her high school career, has developed from player to team leader. Bai’s individual success is undeniable, as well as her team’s, as they are currently undefeated. Of six games already played, she has led her team to victory each time through her motivation, as teammate Kasey Choe said.
“The moment her foot steps on that court, Jen focuses in and tunes out the rest of the world’s distractions. It really is an amaze to watch,” said Choe.
Sharon Spangenberg, the badminton team’s coach, has an extensive background in the sport, so she knows a good player when she sees one. She reported that it has been a “pleasure” having taught a player like Bai.
Spangenberg and Choe both would agree that Bai carries herself with such a robust energy that she was the perfect player to fill the captain position.
“My transition was relatively natural,” said Bai when talking about becoming captain.
Bai has loved being part of Dulaney badminton for all four years of her high school career and she plans to continue playing for fun and to stay in shape as she moves onto college.
“I definitely want to play badminton as a hobby after high school, because it’s a great way to continue my passion while staying in shape,” said Bai.
Post high school, Bai wants to go into the medical field. She believes being a dentist or an orthodontist would be something she’d enjoy.
“Smiles are a wonderful attribute to a person, and if I can help perfect that, then why not,” said Bai.