Revamped app promotes school spirit

Johnny Carroll , Sports Editor

The Lions’ Den app is making a comeback this year, after taking a year off following its development in 2016. Student Athlete Leadership Board presidents Zoe Hermann and Giorgio Gayleard have worked alongside Director of Athletics Richard Reed to create a plan that encourages widespread attendance for a multitude of school and athletic functions.

“We have received feedback from previous students that equality amongst teams is uneven, so the app was a great medium to promote unity,” Hermann said.

Students can receive points by checking in at various sporting and school events. Specific events hold unique point values in order to entice students to attend other games.

After creating a Lions’ Den app account, athletes denote which sports they play in order to qualify for a potential reward. At the end of the school year, teams with the most collective points have the opportunity to win a prize for their participation efforts.

The first place team will get a 2,000 dollar donation to their program, while second place will receive a tour of the Under Armour headquarters. Third place gets a “Gatorade week” for their entire program, which includes access to various new Gatorade products.

“The reward program is exciting because it really encourages students to participate and maximizes participation,” Hermann said.
Hermann and Gayleard have set an agenda to increase attendance at sporting events, with hopes of improvements of unity throughout the school.

The app has undergone renovations this time around, with a much advanced user interface.

“We have implemented a leaderboard, so students can check to see how they match up against their friends,” Hermann said.
The competitive nature of the app, along with the incentivized aspect of participation, brings a refreshing level of excitement back into the athletic realm at Dulaney.