Kindness influences teammates


Meghan Gaumont, Staff Writer

Sophomore Leana Kashtelyan is a fairly new volleyball player, picking up the sport in Jan. 2016. Both her teammates and coaches say that she is not only a great player but an extremely influential person.

Teammates say they feel comfortable going up to Kashtelyan if they have a problem.

“Leana makes everyone feel really good about themselves,” sophomore and co-captain Morgan Millon said.

Fellow co-captain Janaya Hawkins emphasizes Kashtelyan’s affection toward others and her reliability on the court.

“Leana is very kind to people. She will always help out if you need her to, and is just a good person all around. Also, she goes for every ball. She’s always there, so I know I can rely on her,” Hawkins said.

Court-wise, junior varsity volleyball head coach Chelsea Mead says Kashtelyan is a consistent and hardworking player who continuously maintains a poised and competitive demeanor.

“She is the most consistent player on our team. You know what you are going to get out of her every day. She brings her ‘A game’ and always stays composed,” Mead said.

Her fellow teammates consistently iterate that Kashtelyan’s work ethic and determination assist her in remembering the rotations of the entire team.

Kashtelyan feels a competitive environment brings forth the girls’ best efforts. Her teammates say that it’s important that there is a leader who pushes and motivates the team to be their best.

“I motivate the girls on the court when they lose momentum. I always say ‘Believe in yourself, you got this!’” Kashtelyan said.
With her encouraging presence and consistent game, Kashtelyan doubles as both a successful teammate and player.