Alumnus passes away in tragic rock climbing accident

photo from montage used at memorial

photo from montage used at memorial

Maria Eberhart and Owen Campbell

Spirited leader and star lacrosse player, Matthew Hearn passed away mountain climbing in Salt Lake City, Utah July 13.

Hearn played three years on the varsity lacrosse team at Dulaney and contributed to the win for the 2008 state champions. Lacrosse coach Kyle Fiat remembers how he was an uplifting teammate, his enthusiasm helped motivate players.

“I remember one play when he came off the bench and had a really big hit that energized the whole team,” Fiat said.

Hearn mostly played as a midfielder and was noted by Coach Fiat to have good ground balls.

“He was a tough player, he was a guy who was super physical and really scrappy. He was really good between the lines,” Fiat said.

Hearn was also visible face in the Lion’s Den because he was an animated basketball spectator. In the four years he attended Dulaney, he never missed a home game.

“He was an unbelievable fan and an unbelievable friend to the team,” said basketball coach Matthew Lochte.

This translated to junior year where Hearn asked Coach Lochte if he could be the manager of the basketball team.

“I said absolutely not,” Lochte said, “He was fun, a wild man, silly, and made everyone laugh. We needed him to cheer us on, not be a manager.”

Coach Lochte and Coach Fiat both attended Matt’s funeral but neither spoke. After the funeral service, there was a gathering of Matt’s family and friends and other alumni that attended. Fiat has been in contact with Matt over the years usually through social media and by visiting him at Westminster College. Also, Lochte had also kept in touch with Matt through email and social media.

“Honestly, when you’re a teacher or a coach certain student or players you develop relationships with for a lifetime.”