Senior’s drive energizes

Giorgio Gayleard, Staff writer

After learning to play basketball with his dad at age three, senior guard Cole Harshman has been in love with the game his whole life.
Harshman’s attitude toward the game as well as his motivation and drive seems to be what puts him above the rest, teammates said.
“What I have seen is that he works really hard and is laser-focused,” sophomore guard Cameron Amoruso said.
Harshman is chipping away at his season goal to improve from last year. He scored 31 points and had 15 rebounds Jan. 4 against Perry Hall, the top-ranked public school in the county according to the Baltimore Sun high school sports polls.
Harshman’s team goals for the season include winning a county championship and making a run in the 4A state playoffs. As of press time, the team’s record stands at 14-6 overall and 11-3 in the county. After high school, Harshman hopes to play in college.
“Right now, my main focus is winning a state and county championship here. I can’t get too ahead of myself thinking about college already,” he said.
Harshman’s experience allows him to lead the squad.
“He being a senior on the team really motivates everyone to follow his lead. Every time someone makes a mistake, he will give them advice on how to fix it or do it better. He wants everyone around him to succeed,” Amoruso said.
Teammates and coaches praised Harshman’s drive and work ethic.
“He’s kind of the motor that gets our team going, diving on the floor for loose balls, taking charges,” varsity head coach Matt Lochte said.
When asked what professional player he was most similar to, Harshman said “I don’t compare myself to anyone. I’m just me.”