Practice leads to progress

Andrew Vuong, Staff writer

Wrestling has always been the go-to for sophomore Destiny Benjamin. Last year, she was on the junior varsity team and had a chance to prove herself after the season ended.
Benjamin represented the Maryland Girls National Team in New York in the Lady Liberty Duals , where she finished with a 4-2 record.
“My key to success is do what I learned in practice,” Benjamin said, which has paid off as she successfully made the varsity team this season.
Varsity head coach Scott Asher commended Benjamin’s work ethic and her rise up to varsity.
“She strives to learn new moves, works hard to improve her technique and uses her sturdy defense to shut down her opponents,” he said.
Benjamin’s perseverance is evident on and off the mat.
“She knows she’s at a disadvantage because she’s a girl, but she never fools around in practice and always puts forth her best effort during workouts,” varsity captain junior Carlos Lovo said. “Her heart is her biggest weapon. She puts every ounce of energy during in-season workouts and off-season workouts.”
By winning both her matches against other varsity teammates, she was able to secure a position on the higher level team, exceeding the expectations of the team.
“Everyone was in awe after watching her win her matches, but we all know her move up was well-deserved,” Lovo said. “She continues to work hard and be a prime example of what hard work and dedication will give you.”