Song smashes to victory

Grace Gary, Staff writer

Senior Amanda Song first picked up a badminton racket her freshman year. Now a captain, Song has led the varsity badminton team to an undefeated season and a team county championship.
She attributes her progress these past four years to constructive practice.
“Because I was playing people that were better than me, even if I was getting kicked down, I was able to play at a higher level,” she said.
Song and doubles teammate senior Michelle Lin finished the season undefeated and won the gold medal in the county girls’ doubles tournament at Carver Oct. 29.
The team’s dynamic has been key to their success.
“Michelle plays in the front because that’s her best skill and I play in the back because that’s my strength,” Song said.
Lin complimented Song on her impeccable footwork and head coach Sharon Spangenberg also noted Song’s strong mental game.
“You can just see her mind working on the court because she’s all over the place,” Spangenberg said.
Badminton is nothing short of exhausting, sometimes the game simply depends on athleticism.
“You have to keep running and running,” Song said. “You have to go all the way from the back to the front to drop and then go to the back again,”
For Song, her initial interest in badminton has grown into a passion for the sport.
“When you get to that point where you’ve practiced enough and you can control your skills very well, it’s just so fun to play,” she said.