Low-key Lodge fuels team

Bryce Frederick, Staff writer

He has the skills and the speed, but sophomore forward Matt Lodge’s key to success is simply having fun. From his pregame preparation to his post-goal celebrations, there’s always a smile on Lodge’s face, teammates said.
“He’s easygoing and fun, but he knows how to work hard,” sophomore forward Noah Wilkens said. “He makes the team seem more whole.”
Of course, skill helps. Junior varsity head coach Aaron Urban-Zukerberg praised Lodge’s abilities.
“Matt has incredible speed with the ball at his feet and also has a determined ability to find the back of the net,” he said.
The team finished with a 6-2-1 record, netting 24 goals in nine games, eight of them being Lodge’s. He considers his first goal of the season against Sparrows Point as the year’s most memorable one.
“There was two minutes left in golden goal overtime, and I got a header to win the game, and I went a little bit nuts,” Lodge said.
Lodge has found a balance between enjoyment and dedication that allows for personal success.
“When we get out of school, he’ll be joking around, but when warm-ups come, he’s ready to go,” freshman goalkeeper Brandon Dabkowski said.
”He knows what to do, he knows how he plays, and he’s going to stick to that,” Wilkens said.
After the JV season ended, Lodge was added to the varsity roster.
“We’re like one big family,” Lodge said, “and, of course, we have our fun.”