Exceeding expectations

Mykayla Milchling, Staff writer

Her coach calls sophomore outside hitter McKenzie Weller a smart player.
“She isn’t always about making the flashy play, she is always thinking about what she can to do win the point,” junior varsity volleyball head coach Chelsea Mead said.
Even against their toughest opponent, Hereford, Weller powered through and helped lead the team to a 2-1 victory in their regular season match against the Bulls Oct. 14.
“In the Hereford game, we couldn’t get our sets in the right spot but she always got to it and usually won the point,” sophomore setter Julia Whatley said.
“Since I am a setter I have noticed that we kind of flow, my sets are almost always right to her and she gets kills off of them,” Whatley said.
Weller explained that playing against Hereford was difficult because many of their players play for the same club team as players here. They were evenly matched, and it was almost like playing against themselves.
“I think we were prepared for that because we knew what was coming and we knew how to defend against their tipping and hitting,” Weller said.
After a loss in the county championships against Hereford Oct. 27, Weller was pulled up to the varsity squad. Her welcome was a warm one, as the team was delighted to see a new face.
“It’s exciting to have a new player added to our family. Her attitude is refreshing,” sophomore setter Kathryn Parler said.