Scene at Dulaney: Tech Interns Backup Dulaney


Faizah Saadmim, Editor

Ever wonder who those computer geniuses traveling from in and out of classrooms are? The crucial technology interns of Dulaney High possess seemingly infinite skills and knowledge about everything from projectors to the devices. Although the 2019-2020 school year is only the second year that the internship program has been implemented in Baltimore County Public Schools, the student interns have a level of professionalism and trouble shooting skills beyond their years.

Every class period there are two interns available to help with any technology problems the Dulaney population faces. A senior and junior are paired together, so that the upperclassmen can mentor the underclassmen. The only “training” the technology interns have is what previous seniors have taught them and the mentoring continues in a cyclical fashion as the years progress. The internship is mainly student run with Technology Liaison and Chinese teacher, Matthew Lovett, guiding them through bigger issues.

The daily routine for technology interns is dictated by an online form which consists of reported student and teacher technology problems. It can vary from simple problems like a device not connecting with the Wi-Fi to software malfunctions in uncooperative computers. A major project that the technology interns lead is the collection and distribution of the student devices each year, handling the collection of devices with an organized program allowed for the smooth dispersal of devices at the beginning of this school year.

The interns are a group of diverse individuals from all races, ethnicities and backgrounds. Each intern brings a unique perspective to the program. Some of the interns lack extensive experience with troubleshooting computers but have learned along the way. Others bring impressive software knowledge from Advanced Placement computer classes. Regardless, all the technology interns impress with their hard work and dedication to keep Dulaney’s technology running smoothly.

all photos taken by faizah saadmim