Dear Santa: here’s our holiday wishlist

Jackie Sibila, Editor

They tell you that seeing isn’t believing. But Santa, it’s hard to believe in you when we still haven’t received much of what we’ve asked. I have included Dulaney’s wish list below, categorized into things we still want that previous Griffin writers have asked for, as well as our newest wishes. Santa, even granting one of our wishes would be a dream. 


Wishes from 2016 and 2019 that we still need…

  1. A new (completed) state-of-the-art school
  2. Good wifi reception in every classroom 
  3. A stable building temperature so it’s not summer in one class and winter in another 
  4. For people to read the Griffin website:
  5. Consistent redo policies for all classes
  6. Speed bumps that don’t scrape cars 
  7. Quarterly student evaluation of teachers 
  8. Chick-fil-A in the cafeteria 
  9. For winter break to come sooner 
  10. A deep cleanse for all bathroom clipboards


The newest wishes on our list…

  1. Soap that isn’t slimy 
  2. A new ramp (by the senior parking lot) that can hold more than three people at a time 
  3. Bathrooms containing all sinks 
  4. No flooding 
  5. 70% minor category and 30% major category 
  6. Microsoft applications on school laptops (not just the online versions) 
  7. For homeroom time to actually be used as homeroom time and not extra class time. Although now I guess our wish should be: For LEAD time to NOT become extended class time
  8. Tissues in every classroom 
  9. An accurate bell system 
  10. Better locker room bathrooms