Battle of the bacon, egg and cheese

Erin Patterson and Olivia Morris

The bacon, egg and cheese (BEC) breakfast sandwich is a favorite food for many. This creates intense competition with each bagel shop attempting to produce the most delicious wake-up meal and drink. The three competitors in closest proximity to Dulaney are Dunkin’, Uber Bagels and Towson Hot Bagels (THB). I ordered the same sandwich at all three businesses: a BEC on an everything bagel toasted with American cheese.  

Dunkin’, the fast food restaurant known for its donuts and coffee, presented an extra toasted bagel with clearly microwaved egg and bacon. Honestly, it was what I expected; when it is $4.56, you get what you pay for. I was decently surprised at the amount of bacon provided. The bagel itself was fine, but the circular microwaved egg patty was what took this sandwich to the lowest ranking. To compensate, Dunkin’ coffee is such an easy, quick and inexpensive way to get some good classic coffee on the go. There are three Dunkin’s located less than three miles from Dulaney,so if you are looking for a fast, cheap, bagel sandwich, Dunkin’ is the place for you!

In contrast to Dunkin’, Uber Bagels is a New York-style bagel shop located 1.3 miles from Dulaney. This BEC sandwich did not disappoint. The bagel was perfectly toasted with an abundance of white American cheese. The egg was cooked nicely and topped with a sufficient amount of bacon. Overall, the proportions of each ingredient were aligned flawlessly. This sandwich was pricier at $6.20, but was better quality than the $4 Dunkin’ sandwich. While Uber Bagels is not known for their coffee, they have the basic hot and iced coffee with many creamers to choose from.

THB was a close competitor with Uber Bagels due to the immense similarities in their sandwich but pulled through to be the best BEC. The freshly melted cheese spread wrapped over the egg brought the sandwich to the next level. The bacon was juicy and plentiful. Although this sandwich cost $6.25, the family-owned shop and local business made the fresh, hot bagel worth every penny. Not only do they have outstanding breakfast sandwiches but the variety of coffee that they offer is immense considering they are known for their bagels and not their beverages. 

When Dulaney students were asked which bacon, egg and cheese was the best, 48.9% of students said THB was the best. 37.7% of students replied with Uber as their favorite and 13% responded that they would be most likely to purchase from Dunkin’. 

One student said, “Towson Hot Bagels provides stellar service as well as stellar food. What more can you ask for?” 

An opposing view of THB was shown when a different student said, “THB bagels are just too salty.”

Regardless of the bagel’s saltiness, according to Dulaney students THB offers the best BEC breakfast sandwich in the Lutherville-Timonium area, and I agree.