Hardest year of high school


Ryleigh Bernhardt, Staff Writer

Is junior year really as hard as everyone says it is? Each year in high school brings its own trials and triumphs etc. Most students would say they have it the worst, but what year really is the hardest year? 

For freshmen, their first year of high school feels like a whole new world. Despite it being full of excitement and new people, it can also feel extremely scary and nerve-racking. Walking into a big place, where you may only know a few close friends can be a difficult adjustment. Academically, it takes some time to be comfortable with the workload, especially because it may be more than you’re used to in middle school. And for incoming AP students, it is a whole new way of learning and can be a handful.

Though sophomore year students feel a bit more comfortable in their environment, sophomore year still may be just a bit tougher than freshman year. Academically many would feel that the workload is similar to freshman year, just a little bit more homework. For some, driving might be something new to think about as well as starting to join extracurriculars, like sports and clubs. For others, all of that may be an even bigger worry for junior year.

Many people would say junior year is the hardest out of them all, but why? It isn’t about adjusting to everything anymore, you have to take action. It’s time to prepare for SATs, think about colleges and college visits, get your license, be more socially and academically involved, take those harder classes and get out of your comfort zone. Sophomore and freshman year may have felt like a trial run, but junior year is the time to think about your future and take action on it. Shouldn’t seniors feel more accomplished after their junior year is over?

Seniors still have a lot to think about; after all, it is the final year of high school. Next year, you’ll be in college and feel like a freshman all over again. Senioritis becomes very prevalent in your last year, as college prep and applying to so many places can be extremely stressful and exhausting. Fortunately, you can take the time to spend your last year with your friends and make the best of it all. Each year of high school is a lot to take in, so really it isn’t a competition. The combination of social activities, homework and extracurriculars can be draining no matter what year you’re in. During the hardest times, it is up to you to get out of your comfort zone!