Best way to communicate via social media


(Photo/Aine Heron)

Aine Heron, Staff Writer

As schools have made the transition to utilizing online resources and sharing updates through social media, the question arises, what is the most efficient way to get information to the entire student body? With just one scroll on Instagram you can find features from Dulaney High School clubs, sports teams and even classes. 

At Dulaney, the Student Government Organization Instagram is routinely updated with events not only about their club meetings, but information relevant to school-wide events e.g. yearbook photos, homecoming, spirit weeks and more as the school year continues. Although the Student Government is able to provide information regarding our Dulaney Pride and events, there is a lack of information about sports events, clubs and class council updates as this is not the focus of their club. But should it be added to their page? 

By searching “Dulaney” in the Instagram search bar, there were 46 Dulaney-related pages all putting out information regarding something new or repetitive. 

The Class Council for Class of 2023, 2024, 2025 and soon 2026 will all have reminders concerning specific updates such as their general meetings, class-sponsored events, fundraisers and more. These specific groups are able to share important information that some people didn’t even know existed.

Without a bridge connecting these pages besides the “Dulaney” name, there is no real way for group recognition to be given. Groups should stick to their related topics whether that be games, class events, fundraisers, meetings and more. But the need for a connector is crucial.

The solution to this could be the cross-communication for club pages. Groups such as student government with a greater following shouting out the different class councils, clubs and teams would allow a wider variety of students to view important information. Taking time for features on other clubs instagrams and platforms would allow for clubs to have their spotlight and overall reach a greater audience and even increase participation.