Hot Topics for 2022

Jackie Sibila and Olivia Morris

Today’s world is full of controversy and strife about anything and everything people can think of. Arguments can quickly take a turn for the worse, words turning lethal, friendships turning into animosity. We decided to take some of the world’s hottest debates and discuss our opposing opinions in a safe space, attempting to remain civil without passive aggressive comments. Well, for the most part. 

Doors vs. Wheels

Wheels: There are way more wheels in the world than doors. Think about it. Yes, most cars have four doors and four wheels which cancels cars out, but think about all the cars that only have two doors and four wheels. Or motorcycles and even bikes which have two wheels and no doors. And yes there are office buildings with hundreds of doors but what about the many chairs with wheels that have four to six wheels on them. At the end of the day, any argument for doors gets canceled out when  “Lego produces around 318 million tyres in a year, according to the report of 2010. This must-have increased since then till 2022.”

Doors: I have to respectfully disagree. There are more doors than wheels in the world. If we are counting toys, just think of how many doll houses, life-like kitchen sets and outdoor playhouses there are. They all contain a multitude of mini doors to occupy little kids. Also, many pet owners install doggie doors for the convenience of their puppies. You may find kennel doors in animal shelters, doors in stables and doors to hamster or guinea pig cages. The number just keeps growing! Doors are found everywhere. Just in your kitchen alone you probably have at least 10 on your cabinets, and your bedroom most likely has a closet with a door or two. While lego produces a lot of tires, it seems prevalent to mention that since 2015, there have been over 4 billion Lego doors manufactured, which is around 571 million doors per year. A number far exceeding the meager 318 million tires made per year. 

Diagonal Sandwich vs. Horizontal sandwich

Horizontal: Who wants an uneven sandwich?  Cutting diagonal is difficult when trying to make a symmetrical sandwich, especially if the bread is not square. Plus grilled cheese sandwiches that have oozing cheese will never stay intact if the sandwich is cut diagonally, all the goodness will fall right out of the sandwich and now it is all over your hands. Not to say that this never happens with a horizontally cut sandwich, but there is a significant decrease in oozing ingredients.  

Diagonal: The proper way to cut your sandwich is diagonal, period, end of discussion. Scientifically, there is just more sandwich when you cut it diagonally. When I go to put my sandwich in its container in the morning it will fit when you cut it vertically, but you really have to stuff it in there cutting it diagonally. While that is slightly inconvenient, it proves how there is more content to the sandwich. And more sandwich equals more yummy food in your tummy. Also, not to mention, it’s just more fun cut diagonally! 

Tomato is a… fruit vs. Vegetable

Fruit: Tomatoes come from a flower and contain seeds. According to, fruit is “the developed ovary of a seed plant with its contents and accessory parts,“ While tomatoes are mainly used in cooking as a vegetable, it still contains the brighter colors that are associated with fruits.  Not only do tomatoes look more fruit-like but the sweet and juicer taste that they have indicates that tomatoes are a fruit rather than a vegetable. 

Vegetable: Also found from, the definition of a vegetable: “any plant whose fruit, seeds, roots, tubers, bulbs, stems, leaves, or flower parts are used as food, as the tomato, bean, beet, potato, onion, asparagus, spinach, or Cauliflower.” See the 20th word in the sentence, highlighted for your convenience. 

Country Music vs. No country music

No country music:  Not to say that I hate all country music because there are some exceptions out there, but who wants to hear about the same drinking problems in their small town life, a cheating husband or wife and about a truck over and over again. Yes, of course there are other songs that talk about cheating and small town life but there is no evolution of the genre of country music. I love hearing guitar in music, but the same lyrical content and guitar harmonies makes all country music sound the absolute same.  

Country music: I understand why people say they dislike country music – trucks, beer and horses, right? Wrong. Modern country music has evolved into a very set theme that can, at times, sound similar. However, people don’t understand true country music. The origins of country music come from blues and folk music representing a multitude of cultures. Country music boasts Creole and Appalachian culture, blended with Celtic and Irish fiddle tunes, influenced by Mexican Ranchera music. What’s more, traditional country music often tells a story. Perhaps not everyone has the ear or mind to visualize pictures painted by an old banjo, but for those who do, enjoy the vast untouched mountains and wild horses running free. 

Tap vs. Fridge Water

Tap: Who wants that painful cold feeling all over your teeth and mouth when you go to take a sip of water from the fridge? This is why tap water will always be better than fridge/bottled water.  The only time fridge water is better is when it is above 90 degrees outside or you have just finished a workout and need that refreshing coldness. Otherwise, it is an unnecessary need to have that burning cold water that only hurts your mouth rather than feeling hydrated after drinking it.  

Fridge: As someone who gets water from a well, tap water is definitely not the way to go. Though our water is filtered, it’s probably a much safer bet to get your water from the fridge, where it is filtered a second time and doesn’t taste as minerally. Also, an added bonus to fridge water is the ice machine. Nothing beats cold water with ice cubes on a burning hot day.  Not only do you have the option of crushed or whole ice cubes, you can also grab a quick snack while you are at it. The fridge really is a one stop shop for a refreshing glass of water and some fresh fruit, making it 10 times better than tap water.