Crocs: A Comeback Story


Laura Pohl, Staff Writer

I think we can all agree that Crocs are making a comeback in the world of fashion. Crocs were a popular shoe back in the day and I am here to defend why they should have never faded as a staple item in your closet. 

Let’s start off with the versatility of the shoe. There are an insane assortment of styles, colors, patterns and even textures. You name it and Crocs has a shoe for you. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple–Crocs have the rainbow of colors including a rainbow shoe. Camo Crocs? They have it. Sparkles? They have it. Clogs, sandals, slides, flip flops, boots, wedges, platforms? Crocs have it all. Not to mention that once you have your Crocs, they have two modes: your typical everyday wear and sport mode. Sport mode is for you to test your body and your shoes to the limit. 

Crocs are also super practical. They are both water shoes and land shoes.Crocs let your feet breathe, while keeping them out of sight. No offense, but no one particularly wants to see your feet. One may argue that in the winter, Crocs make your feet cold because of the holes. Well, in that case, you just need a pair of fuzzy Crocs. These are Crocs that are lined in a soft, fuzzy, liner to add cushion and comfort. In making this specific croc model, Crocs has upped their game once more, creating a shoe for all seasons. 

Last but not least, Crocs has created Jibbitz. Jibbitz are the charms that attach into the holes of the Croc. There are Jibbitz of anything you could think of. By adding Jibbitz you can customize your Crocs to make them for you and by you. You can make your Crocs completely unique and never have someone tell you that you are “twinning today”. What a brilliant way to spice up your shoe. 

So, just as Jibbitz are the perfect way to spice up your shoe, Crocs are a perfect way to spice up your outfit. I sincerely hope that this article reaches the population of Dulaney and we can unite in wearing our Crocs once again.