Which AP Classes are Actually the Best: An Objective Ranking

Ryan Tiedemann, Staff Writer

The goal of this article is to rank AP classes in order of the enjoyability of their curriculum (with my own bias EXTREMELY prevalent).

Note: This article does not rank teachers nor difficulty, and I only ranked classes I have taken personally.


My top six are as follows: 

  1. European History: This class is unbelievably enjoyable. The curriculum contextualizes the majority of modern European geopolitics, and the parallels you can draw throughout history are mesmerizing.
  2. Biology: I took this class with Mr. Stranathan, but the curriculum should remain the same. Despite not enjoying most sciences, the Bio curriculum excellently informs you of relevant processes and historical development in the field.
  3. U.S. Government and Politics: This course is ranked highly based on relevance; no other curriculum can compete with how important it is for students to know the functions of the U.S. Government, which AP Gov summarizes quite well.
  4. English 11: The books you read in this course are not my favorite, but I believe that its curriculum vastly improved my writing quality, which was extremely beneficial for college essays and scholarships the following year.
  5. Research: You can research any topic of your choosing.
  6. Chinese 5: This course is somewhat teacher-specific, as languages are open to variations between schools and instruction. Mr. Lovett gives students the opportunity to learn both the language and culture through his assignments, an incredible opportunity.


My bottom four are as follows: 

  1. Human Geography: This curriculum jumps between subjects far too quickly and with seemingly no relevant connection.
  2. Statistics: Needing to justify and memorize every single condition or mathematical operation is unnecessary and irritating.
  3. Every AP Class I Didn’t Take (Meaning Seminar, Chemistry, Music Theory, and Other Word Languages): This should speak for itself.
  4. Physics C: I also didn’t take this course, but quite a few people currently taking it requested that I rank it first. As a result, therefore, it is ranked last, and would be lower if possible.