What does modern feminism do for equality?

Dylan McCabe, editor

Modern feminism is a profoundly empowering challenge on the typical perceptions of women and their be- liefs. Often being related to defying the supposed patriarchy and discrimination in the workplace, it has been a key component to rallying support for women. Attempts to bridge the apparent gender-equality gap, regardless of the obstructive consequences and the driving force of fanaticism that propels it, have been made as a result of this. However, modern feminism, the movement to bring equality, has wrought ignorance towards men and the numerous detriments they face. 

Men face an increasingly apparent unfairness in a variety of issues that either uniquely or disproportionately affect them. Selective service in the case of a military draft and paternity fraud, which occurs when men are incorrectly identified to be the biological father of a child, solely affect men. According to The Guardian, The Telegraph, and the Atlantic, child custody, suicides, time of incarceration, workplace deaths, and child support all rule in a female’s favor. 

Despite these numerous examples of gender-oriented detriments to men, modern feminism continues to claim that women are the greatest victims of society. It overshadows these extensive problems by instead reporting the issues that affect women, thereby ignoring the opposition that demands for both sides to be heard. Additionally, domestic violence and rape against men is heard by deafened ears, as preconceptions demand men be tough and ignore trauma. This is a prime example of the debilitating nature of toxic masculinity, which is still prominent in the attitudes of men. 

Feminism of the twentieth-century was predicated upon equality while addressing issues that also face men,. Today, third wave feminism deliberately ignores men due to an over- arching desire to maintain equality by putting their male counterparts down. The “Me Too” movement, which al- lows women to speak out about sexual harassment, began as an inspirational and empowering movement. In more recent years, the movement has grown out of control and became a crushing blow to countless men’s lives, sometimes in the form of false rape accusations.

In 2002, Brian Banks was a recruited to play Division I football at the University of Southern California. He was on his way to most likely becoming an NFL star. However, Wanetta Gibson, a fellow student of his, accused him of rape and he was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Banks was innocent, and eventually after his sentence she admitted to lying, but his life as he knew it was ruined. Other women since then, such as Nikko Yovino and Christine Ford, have been responsible for similar accusations. Both of which these accusations were lies as well.

The desire for equality that caused the rise of feminism has since been drowned in a wave of irrationality, ies, and self-victimization. It is important to realize that the proactive goals have been tarnished, and that modern feminism furthers the rift of equality at the expense of male dignity and success. The fight for gender equality is only successful when both genders work in unison to address the disparity, not when one abuses momentum to overshadow and cripple the other.