Hollywood Ignorance Strong as Ever

Laura Hennawi

Since March 2020, coronavirus has be- come a widespread threat to the health and safety of Americans. Whether someone is young or old, or in this case if they are rich and famous or just regular working class Americans, Covid-19 has affected all in some way shape or form. The virus has caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs and loved ones, and has had a crippling influence on the American spirit. Despite the harsh and stark reality many middle class Americans are facing, it seems as if many celebrities are unaware of the suffering of the ordinary people. 

Seeing videos of Sam Smith, Josh Gad, Cardi B and countless celebrities sob and complain over this crisis from their ivory towers is already bad enough, but after seeing Gal Gadot and the rest of her B-list apostles sing “Imagine” by John Lennon led me to question what gives them the right to preach the message of the song. These celebrities are in no way entitled to sing about a song that mentions “imagine no possessions” while they sit in their multi-million dollar homes in the hills of Hollywood. I “imagine” people singing a song out of key doesn’t fit the narrative while they sit on a mountain of money. What I dont have to imagine is the small business owners are having their entire livelihoods upended, and people are getting sick and dying. 

I completely condone celebrities utilizing their platform and position of influence to raise awareness and spread the common good. But many of these celebrities are not informed on the matter. Celebrities have been speaking empty truths for years, especially at award speeches. The Oscars have been made increasingly political in recent years by Hollywood executives and pompous celebrities jamming their agendas down the throats of American consumers. Hollywood phonies have not put their lives into perspective. Millions of Americans are filing for unemployment and thousands are dying. Are we really “all in this together?” These celebrities could care less about the welfare of regular working class people, they just want to go out in public so they can feel worshipped and appreciated again. 

courtesy of @grapejuiceboys on instagram

Billions are missing out on some of life’s greatest joys right now, so please do not pretend that you have it worse-you don’t. My advice to the celebrities? Acknowledge and appreciate the health- care workers who are putting their lives at risk–the true heroes of this crisis. And maybe while they’re at it, donate some money from their last multi-million dollar movie deal to those in need instead of furnishing their luxury palaces. If we’re all in this together, it’s time to do your part Hollywood.