The solution to mass killing is not complex

Johnny Chen, Staff Writer

What is the cause of mass shootings? Is it the existence of guns? No, it is the incapability of inadequate humans who refuse to oblige to basic morals. The problem does not lie in guns themselves, but rather the people who use them. Unfortunately, it is not possible to access the qualifications of these individuals, as shown by the failure of American background checks. Thus, the easiest way to prevent mass killings would be to rid of guns entirely.

According to Business Insider, 237,000 criminals committed crimes with the use of firearms stolen from those who had the permission of ownership in 2016. With this, the criminals can simply skip the background checks that are put into place by the United States government. This is avoidable as long as law-abiding citizens have access to guns.

But what does gun thievery have to do with the mass shooting impasse? It does not, and that is the problem. One commonality that most mass shooters have is that they did not steal their guns; they passed background checks and bought the guns that were later used to end the lives of their victims. Background checks are flawed, and do nearly nothing to prevent these mass shootings and other heinous crimes. This “protocol” cannot analyze the psyche of a person, and the process can be easily manipulated despite precautionary steps that are already in place.

Some may argue that taking away guns from the public would result in the United States becoming a tyranny, which is defined as a cruel and oppressive ruling. If one thinks taking away guns is a tyrannical move, then they should pay more attention in history class, because this form of government is completely different from a government that takes away guns. Instead of being unjust, the government is simply caring for the lives of the citizens by taking away a tool that can so easily take away the life of another innocent being.

Gun control is nearly impossible without getting rid of them entirely. If done correctly, a U.S without guns is a U.S with less killings, and more lives.