Defending Trump’s agenda: Watch jobs return

Kevin Zorbach, Staff writer

It’s the economy, stupid.

Bill Clinton won using that strategy in 1992. It can be argued Donald Trump won with that too.
To make America great, surely we can agree that jobs on American soil must make a comeback. Already, the president-elect, who won in part by promoting this idea throughout his campaign, has made good on his promise.

Just three weeks after Trump was elected, he and Vice President-elect Mike Pence came to an agreement with air conditioning company Carrier to keep 1,000 jobs in America, a great feat for someone who’s not even in office yet.

Trump also plans on lowering taxes for corporations, which will provide an incentive to keep jobs here in the homeland rather than outsourcing to other countries. Major companies will actually have reasons to keep their factories and other branches within the U.S. On top of all this growth for working America, Trump plans on reducing taxes across the board, especially for working and middle-income Americans.

While I don’t agree with Trump on all of his views, mainly his environmental policies, I believe he might be exactly what America needs to get back on track. Trump definitely brings a different set of experiences to the Oval Office, something the nation could definitely benefit from. Notably, Trump preaches for national unity behind his presidency, stating it is time to heal the wounds of division and unite Republicans, Democrats and independents all across the nation.

While USA Today reports that Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead tops 2 million, I’m still hopeful Trump can bring America together. He has more than just the charisma to do it.