Covid: On the rise or fading out?

Ryleigh Bernhardt, Staff Writer

Entering winter, many Dulaney families worried that Covid would strike again. However, recent studies by Johns Hopkins have shown that this pandemic seems to be fading, though not completely gone. Cases have certainly decreased more than scientists thought according to NPR News. COVID-19 is not the only concern, though. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and the Flu made a major comeback from fall through the winter holidays. 

This triple pandemic has impacted both children and adults. NPR News argued that when infected with RSV or the Flu, the immune system rejects other viruses. Because RSV and the Flu spread rapidly during the holidays, that could have reduced the chances of catching Covid. 

The school nurse, Anna Eyler, stated that the Covid cases at Dulaney high have significantly decreased.

I think as the virus progresses and continues to mutate and develop more strains, it becomes weaker and weaker. It is not going away, but it will be more like the common cold eventually,” said Eyler. 

With that being said, Dulaney has enforced protocols that have been adjusted based on the amount of Covid cases in school. Previously, anyone with or exposed to Covid had to quarantine for at least five days. However, with the decrease in Covid cases during winter, it has been adjusted.  

“Our protocol has changed in that we no longer require quarantining of exposed people. We are also no longer contact tracing. We have had the same five day isolation for Covid positive students and staff for about a year now,” said Eyler.

While there are still protocols in place, staff and students must still be wary of Covid. The recent decrease in COVID transmission is a step in the right direction.  To continue this drop and keep everyone safe, abide by the guidelines and isolate when necessary.