Governor Wes Moore shares his vision for Maryland

Cassie Weymouth, Editor-in-Chief

Democratic candidate Wes Moore was officially sworn in on Jan. 18, 2023, taking the oath of office on two bibles: one owned by Frederick Douglas and the other owned by his grandfather. Moore’s campaign mainly focused on closing the racial wealth gap, subsidizing child care and extending historic tax credits for the working poor. Having been officially sworn in, Moore continues his goal of  ‘Leave no one behind’ by advocating for progressive policies involving education, health care and gun control, among others.

Moore has promised to make education a top priority, pushing to ensure Maryland’s Blueprint for Education is fully funded and implemented. When reaching out to Carter Elliot, the governor’s press secretary, he spoke on what the governor’s number one goal was when it came to the Maryland education system. 

Elliot said, “The goal of Governor Moore’s record investments in education is to ensure that every child in Maryland has access to an affordable, quality education. That’s why he’s proposed a record $8.8 billion investment in K-12 education for Maryland public schools. That historic investment will help ensure that we’re creating an education system that prepares Maryland’s children for life after school.” 

With such a large investment in education, Dulaney, among others, will be sure to feel the effects with more money being tunneled into schools. 

Extending beyond schools, Moore has a number of goals and issues that can be found on the Wes Moore for Maryland website. When asked what takes top priority, Elliot is quoted, 

“Governor Moore’s biggest priority is to create a Maryland where no one is left behind–that means building a competitive and equitable economy, investing in our education system, making our communities safer and making Maryland more equitable. The Governor knows that this can be Maryland’s decade, and he’s proposing record investments and legislation to make that happen.”

Equity seems to be the focus of this term, leaving no one behind to ensure progress can be made. Moore is considered a newcomer to the political scene, at only 44 years old, having previously been an investment banker, author and television producer. He has lofty goals for the next four years, hoping to usher in an era of progress and equity.