A pricy holiday

Ryleigh Bernhardt, Staff Writer

The holidays are right around the corner, but wait, why is everything so expensive? Consumers are worried that inflation is at its peak this year like never before, especially during the holiday season. Gifts, food, decorations and traditional holiday pieces are slightly harder to find. Popular stores like Amazon and Target have increased in prices, so finding somewhere to buy your gifts might be more tedious.

Food Concerns:

One of the main concerns surrounding the holiday season is food, as grocery stores have limited stock. Food prices have jumped almost 5.4 percent in the past year. Key dinner ingredients such as eggs have increased 43 percent, butter 3 percent, flour 24.6 percent and turkey 17 percent according to CNBC. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and other holidays sometimes require large amounts of food, so how can we save our money but still have the same amount of food? Store-brand foods are almost 20-25 percent cheaper than name-brand foods, which will help you save a lot when grocery shopping. 

Gift Concerns:

Moving into the holiday season, gift shopping has been a hassle for early shoppers. Popular online sites like Amazon are struggling with limited stock, delivery and high prices. Due to an increase in regular prices and shipping costs, Amazon has experienced a decrease in sales in the past year. Considering this, you might want to shop elsewhere for your holiday gifts this year. Similarly, Target is predicting a busy holiday season. However, Target CEO Brian Cornell stated that inventory and consumer spending for 2022 should not be a problem like past years. Although, looking into other local shops like small bookstores or family-owned businesses is an alternative to finding gifts that may be more affordable. 

Travel/gas Concerns:

Travelers are worried about the new inflation in airports and gas stations. Inflated travel prices are increasing as we speak, so it is crucial to plan your trips accordingly. Plane ticket costs have risen almost 10-17 percent and will continue to rise. Unfortunately, gas prices aren’t much better. Though gas costs have decreased about 16 cents from the past month, they have increased about 26 cents in the past year according to AAA. As prices fluctuate, it is hard to tell how high traveling costs will go. Moving into the holiday season, it is important to plan your trips in advance or to have an at-home holiday.  So, as we get closer to the holiday season, it is important to plan early or you may want to stay home this year. 

Eager holiday shoppers and travelers do not need to panic, because it is still possible to save and make your holiday season enjoyable and easy in 2022.