Senior Prom – A Return to Normalcy

Michelle Wang, Staff Writer

Dulaney’s Class of 2022 Class Council has been hard at work planning this year’s prom. Senior prom will be held on Saturday, May 21, 2022 at 7 pm at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel. 

Jenna Welsh, the class of 2022 president, said that prom will be “on the top floor, and it overlooks the water, it’s really pretty.” 

The hotel, located in the Harbor East District, overlooks Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Dulaney has previously held prom at the Marriott Hotel in 2018, before relocating to The Grand, a venue in Baltimore, in 2019.  With 2020’s prom being canceled due to Covid-19, and the 2021 prom held in Cockeysville’s Valley Mansion, this year’s prom is highly anticipated. 

“The main concern is that in Baltimore City, it may be crowded. I would say leave early so you don’t hit the traffic,” said Welsh. Regarding parking, Welsh said, “there’s a parking garage that connects to the Marriott” to allow for easy accessibility.  

Another concern is that prom is the same day as Preakness 2022 which may compound traffic congestion. Some safety concerns pose challenges for prom; however, mask mandates remain to be seen and may be determined based on any Baltimore guidelines. 

An in-person prom seems to be on a full go; however, in the event that transmission rates increase, modifications may need to be made. An update from principal Samuel Wynkoop on Jan. 23 stated that “If the Covid related cases continue to decrease below the high transmission rate… it appears that our prom, awards ceremonies, end of year activities, etc., will go on… However, in the event that our metrics rise to an unsafe level, our advisors and classes are going to be working on a ‘Plan B’” that may include outdoor events.

Despite the chance of Covid limiting prom, planning is still occurring. While the class council is still developing plans for senior prom, regarding a prom theme, the Class Council has decided on “A Night to Remember”. Pricing has not been determined yet; however, the class council is planning various fundraisers in order to raise funds for prom. 

“We still have to see how much more money we can raise before we come out with a price tag for our prom tickets,” said Welsh. The class council is planning fundraising ideas such as a bowling night, as well as using revenue from spirit wear sales in order to fund prom. 

Tickets will be distributed several months leading up to prom, and Dulaney students have the opportunity to bring guests from outside of the school as long as they buy a ticket. Be on the lookout in the next few months for more information about prom!

Prom, a quintessential American tradition, gives the Dulaney Class of 2022 the ability to celebrate their high school memories. Welsh encourages all Dulaney seniors to attend prom in order to complete their high school experience.