Group pushes to re-open BCPS schools

Filmed & produced by Varun Khushalani

image of several people gathered in front of a podium and microphone

Varun Khushalani

Pat McDonough, CEO of Super Citizen media network, addresses the press with news regarding the lawsuit being filed against BCPS.

Varun Khushalani and Geoffrey Dochat

On Wednesday, January 27 2020, a group of parents and community leaders held a press-conference at Perry Hall High School to outline the grounds for their lawsuit against Baltimore County Public Schools for continuing online learning and not reopening in-person schooling. 

In addition to the lawsuit, the group has started the first Baltimore County Parent-Student Coalition, which will strive to give students and parents a voice in school-related matters, something many of the people at the press-conference feel families have gone too long without. 

Mary Taylor, Chief Operating Officer of the Parent-Student Coalition, feels that the county needs to act soon, citing the mental and physical toll online learning is having on students.

Amy Adams, Administrator of Reopen BCPS Schools, expressed her thoughts on the county’s plan to reopen.

“It still seems like it’s being discussed rather than being implemented and actually moving towards bringing [students] back to school,” Adams said. 

two women stand, one holds sign reading 'school is essential'
Varun Khushalani
Parents and members of the BCPS community attended the press conference to support the return to schools.

The rest of the group has also expressed their frustration with the lack of effort and communication from BCPS. Pat McDonough, CEO of the Super Citizen media network, discussed the logistics of the return, as well as teachers and their responsibility to return to in-person instruction.

Wayne C. Markey, the lawyer filing the legal claim against BCPS, explained the details of the lawsuit, citing the federal and state constitutions guaranteeing the right to education.

Baltimore County’s plan has now been updated, including a timeline and day assignments for sending students back to schools.