Senior Athletes’ Season Cut Short

Anna Albergo, Staff Writer

The coronavirus pandemic has forced students of the graduating class of 2020 to miss out
on many of the significant and memorable experiences of their senior year, but for student
athletes at Dulaney, the list of missed opportunities is far longer. On April 28, the Maryland
Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (MPSSAA) canceled all events for the remainder
of the academic year. The cancellation involves all spring sporting events as well as the
basketball state championships that were still going on in March when schools were directed to
close by an executive order from the governor, Larry Hogan. Sadly, for all the senior athletes,
this means that they will never get to compete at the high school level with their teammates
Although the news didn’t come as a surprise to anybody, it was still heartbreaking for the
seniors to hear. Many of them have been playing sports since they were young in preparation for
playing at the varsity level.
Softball player Izzy Hodiste said, “At first it was super upsetting, I wouldn’t be playing
my first sport again. I felt like all of my hard work was for nothing.”
Baseball player Finn Drew felt similarly.
“It’s a shot in the heart knowing I may never lace my cleats up again. I really feel for all
the seniors who were hoping to have a big year,” he said.
One of the reasons this has been so hard on senior athletes is the thought of what they are
missing out on. Many of the sports teams host annual senior games where each senior is
recognized for their hard work in front of teammates, friends and family. The tradition is one that
motivates athletes to work hard throughout each season. In addition to the recognition, the
athletes also miss spending time with each other.
Hodiste said, “I definitely just miss having such a strong support system that always had
my back. On the field and off, we always developed a really strong bond.”
Since athletes aren’t practicing their sport after school everyday, they have had to find
other ways to stay active. This is especially important for seniors who are competing in college.
Kayla Brennan, who will be playing lacrosse for University of Tampa Bay said, “I’ve
continued to play lacrosse and work out on my own during quarantine. I’ve been doing wall ball
and shooting on a goal in my backyard.”
Despite the unfortunate circumstances, many seniors are positively reflecting on their
time as a Dulaney athlete and accepting that their junior season was their last in a spring sports

“Lucky enough for me, I was fortunate to play my junior year on varsity and really
experience what it is like to play at the varsity level. I would say my junior year season was the
most fun I have ever had playing baseball,” said Drew.
Hodiste also expressed gratitude.
“After thinking it over, I realized just how privileged and blessed I was to have even had
one season with my teams. This virus makes you look back at the things you took for granted,
it’s given me a different mindset. Each moment is so precious, especially when you’re spending
it with people you’ve grown to trust and love,” she said.
When social distancing stops and schools start to reopen, seniors of the class of 2020 will
be moving on without some of the experiences they had been expecting, but with a new
appreciation and outlook. The hard work, dedication and success that the members of this years’
senior class brought to practices, games, meets and competitions will never be forgotten.