FBLA accomplishes new heights


FBLA members attend the introduction of the Regional Leadership Conference Jan. 5.

Hannah Bellinger, Staff Writer

Dulaney’s own Future Business Leaders of America club is achieving unprecedented success, as they just reached an all-time high of 200 members. The catalyst to their success? A balance between advisers such
as Pat Holt, Damon George and Jamie Bare, as well as exemplary student participants. This popular organization is an opportunity for students interested in all things business and computer science, as well as possible college and career experience.
“With our business and computer science programs, and just letting students know that it exists, you guys just come to it,” business and computer science teacher Damon George said about what gives FBLA its massive following.

While George takes part in FBLA advisory, he acknowledges other FBLA advisers Jamie Bare and Pat Holt quite frequently. He speaks highly of Holt, department chair of business education.

“Holt’s leadership combined with these amazing Dulaney students is what makes FBLA so successful,” George continued. “He’ll be verymodest when asked about it, he’ll say he had nothing to do with it, and it was all the kids.”

FBLA has opened up a school store this year, as well as hitting a census of 200 members. These achievements left their sponsors thrilled.

“That was exciting. You know, you hit those milestones. I remember when we hit 100, that was a fun and exciting thing, then last year 200 became insight. Sean Lin, our president, was determined to hit that number. And so, I think we were at 204 as the final number and that was very exciting,” Holt said.

Senior and FBLA president Sean Lin strived to reach the highest number of members.

“Mr. Holt has always wanted this club, his baby, to reach 200 members. That was a big part of it. Also, in September and October we only had 40 members, so we really picked up the
pace,” Lin said.

Holt credits the students entirely for the growth in membership.

“The students are what have grown it for the years I have been here. A lot of enthusiasm, great leadership. When I came here five years ago, we had, I think, 30 members and it has grown exponentially since then. It really is the students, I mean– we provide an environment for them, but they do it,” Holt said.
Not only have they been growing in size, but new innovative and appealing projects are coming up for FBLA—such as their new school store and upcoming competitive conferences. Holt said that FBLA is working on claiming success at the local and national conferences.

“In state level, there is a state championship and we won that last year for the first time in thirteen to fourteen years.”

With 69 students qualifying for the state conference, FBLA continues to rise.