Announcements gets tech upgrade

Grace Knotts and Daniel Longest

Members of Dulaney News, the morning announcements team, are noting positive and negative following the addition of new equipment. The total cost of the new technology totaled $12,461.90. Students on the team noted adjustments they’ve had to make from last year.

Junior Jonathan Morthole sees benefits on the professional quality of the new equipment.

“I guess I can speak for the group when I say it makes this feel a lot more like a professional thing instead of a fun hobby,” Morthole said. “I want to be a producer for this sort of thing as a career choice, and now I’ve got the actual equipment that they use at news stations.”

The addition of two NewTek Tricaster teleprompters to the pre-existing cameras allows anchors to read off of screens instead of sheets of paper, though the papers serve as a back-up in case the prompter is moving too slow or too fast, senior and news anchor Tevian Whitehurst said.

“Technology is great until it sucks,” he said, adding that the hardest task “was figuring out an order. You have to physically type [the announcements] in and choose and order for them so the papers follow it and people know what’s going on.”

Junior Anna Garman explained her own experience with the teleprompters.

“One time I didn’t know what the order was for the announcements, and on the teleprompter they have what the order is,” Garman said. “But my papers were out of order and I got really confused, and I sat there for like 15 seconds doing absolutely nothing, staring, looking like a total idiot, at the teleprompter. Eventually I figured out that I was going in the wrong order for my papers.”

Another problem student broadcasters experience is accidentally repeating an announcement, but overall the teleprompter is a great piece of technology, Whitehurst said.

The new program, NewTek Tricaster, has its own glitches, senior Daniel Nelson said.

“The computer completely shut down and we didn’t really know what to do, so we had to act fast and restart,” Nelson said.