The Post: Jake Alperstein


Maria Eberhart, Staff writer

Known for his formidable presence as “Jake Alps,” senior Jake Alperstein is a dynamic and energetic character. He sat down with staff writer Maria Eberhart to discuss Naruto, his newfound passion for acting, and goals for this school year.

Reading: I’ve read “Hatchet” so many times, and I’m reading it again. I love the idea of adventure and doing new things. In general, I am not a big reader. I was a really bad reader up until fourth grade, but my parents were barely ever around so I had to kind of pick up reading by myself.

Watching: My friends and I watch “Naruto” as a joke. We brought it into school, so if you see us running down the hallway with our hands behind our backs that’s why. It’s pretty funny. But I also like “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” I love it because it’s a bunch of rag-tag group of guys, and their one friend, who happens to be a girl, they pick on. It just reminds me a lot of my friends. I also watch a lot of movies like “Saving Private Ryan,” stuff like that. But I’m more of a fan of Rom-Coms. Rom-Coms are my thing.

Listening: I am a big fan of everything that’s classic rock, so Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” and “Shining Star.” Those are both good. I am also a big fan of Michael Jackson. I like Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones. Also The Beatles, I’ve always loved The Beatles. I was in band in sixth grade but on accident, when I was playing the drum, my drum stick flew out of my hand and my teacher thought I threw it at her. So, I got sent down to the office and was told that I couldn’t be in band any more.

Changing: I’m trying to get out more. It’s my senior year, so I want to leave with a bang and I want to be remembered. I’m just trying to do new things. Back in my freshman and sophomore year, I really didn’t want to do anything. I was just going to school because I had to, but now I am trying to make the most of school. That’s why I auditioned for emcee and am performing in the “Pride and Prejudice”musical. I’ve always doubted myself as a singer and actor, but a bunch of people told me I should do it.

Acting: I joined theater last year, my first year here.The move from Catholic school to public school was different. Back at Catholic school, we had to pray for everything, but here, it’s a lot more free. The very first day of theatre class, I was a bit intimidated. A lot of these really smart and cool-looking people walked into the class, who had probably been doing theater for years, and here I was, the kid who did one musical in the fifth grade. But everyone in theater is so welcoming. They accept you for who you are, even if you do dumb stuff to get attention. My roles in the fall play “She Kills Monsters” last year was Cobalt and the Map, which was my signature role. I was also the town baker in the musical “Beauty and the Beast.” In “Kiss the Bride,” I was the DJ and in “Pride and Prejudice,” I’m going to be playing Mr. Gardner.