Prigel satisfies, indulges


Emlyn Langlieb , Staff writer

“Eat dessert first.”

At Prigel Family Creamery, this maxim is law. Whatever season it is, you will not be disappointed by the rich and unforgettable flavor of their ice cream. They have over 19 unique flavors, but all are extraordinary (trust me, when my sister and I first tried it we couldn’t believe how incredible it was!)

One of the reasons their ice cream tastes so exquisite is all thanks to the milk. The milk used in their ice cream is produced on their own farm, called Bellvale. Despite the labor intensive process of producing fresh milk, it’s worth it. The ice cream tastes thick and creamy, and the fresh milk makes a huge difference compared to processed milk.

My all-time favorite flavor is cookies and cream, with the bits of cookies combined with the velvety base. But you could also get it as a milkshake, sundae, ice cream sandwich, plastered in sprinkles or on top of a warm brownie. The options are endless. On the other hand, my sister prefers the coffee ice cream, which tastes exactly like a rich aromatic fresh brew.

Also, when you add toppings like caramel chocolate sauce and whipped cream, you can get three for one dollar. The price varies for each delicious dessert, however, they are all comparable in prices. A medium cone is about $3.75. Also, if you want to take some home, they have  quarts of various flavors, costing around $5.95.

Prigel Family Creamery now has incredible holiday flavors, including peppermint, cinnamon and egg nog (Nov. 21-Dec 31) and winter flavors including strawberry fudge (Jan 1- March 20). Also, they have various winter events, including craft days from Dec.19-22 where you can bring younger siblings or kids to make a different craft every day.

This fantastic ice cream shop is located in Glen Arm, and is surrounded by bright green grass and cows, which makes it that much better. You can go sit on the hill, talk to friends, eat some ice-cream on a warmer winter day and relish in the relaxing environment.  Could it get any better?

With the stress of Advanced Placement classes, sports and jobs, if you need a quick pick me up or just want to relax on a Saturday night with friends and family, Prigel Family Creamery is the place to be.