fashion forward: skater shares timeless style


Morgan Pierce, Staff Writer

Senior Gabe Godey is a blast from the past. With his vintage wardrobe, Godey enjoys expressing himself through his old school style. Staff writer Morgan Pierce sat down with Godey to learn all about his distinctive sense of fashion.

Q: What and who inspires your style?

A: I wear a lot of older generations of clothing, like the 50’s and 70’s era. Leather jackets are my favorite because they are model of that time. I think people as a whole used to dress better back then and I appreciate that.

Q: Where are your favorite places to shop?

A: I mainly shop online and at Goodwill and Salvation Army because I can find original clothing there. I hardly ever go to department stores because they don’t tend to have the clothes I like and they’re always expensive.

Q: Do you dress to make a statement? Or for personal pleasure?

A: Mainly for personal pleasure, when you look at me you can say, “Oh, he likes rock music.” It also allows me to express my sense of self. Sometimes I’ll dress to make a statement, but that’s usually just when I have to go out to a place where dressing up is necessary.

Q: What motivates you to dress nicely?

A: Respect— if I see a gentleman that’s dressed nicely something clicks in my head and allows me to feel respect and trust towards them. I want people to feel the same way towards me.

Q: Who are your style icons?

A: The era from Help/Rubber soul albums by the Beatles, and pro-skater Dylan Rieder.

Q: What current fashion trends do you dislike?

A: To put it mildly, I can’t stand any modern fashion trends. Like I said before, I wear a lot of older generations clothing styles. People back then just seemed to care more about their appearence. Today, most people our age just think showing up to school in an all Nike ensemble is fashion.