The final hoorah: the sweek tradition continues

Aine Heron, Staff Writer

The long awaited senior week is almost here. Dulaney seniors have participated in this tradition for years. Groups of friends gather at the beach to celebrate the hard work of their high school careers. The tradition is symbolic of the final moments high school friends may spend together. 

After talking to the class of 2023, it is clear that the majority of seniors will visit Ocean City, Maryland.

Other seniors will go to beaches such as Bethany, Ocean City, New Jersey, and even beaches in Florida and North Carolina. Other seniors are taking advantage of a final family trip or traveling abroad.

Senior Erin Patterson shared that her and a group of seven girls will be a part of the crowd. She is ready to go to the beach everyday to tan, read, play games and most importantly spend time Held said “I am excited to be able to spend time at the beach with a variety of people that couldn’t all stay in the same house. We obviously can’t have a house of 30 people”.

As a soon-to-be college student, Patterson and her friends are interested in saving the most money possible. Patterson said, “[we are] planning to go to the grocery store when we first get there to make sure we can meal prep throughout the week”.

Senior Caroline Held could not contain her excitement for her senior week adventures. Held will be staying in her Ocean City beach house along with four of her friends.

Like most other seniors, Patterson and Held are ready to have this week as a bonding experience with their friends before they all go their separate ways. This week will create memories that will last a lifetime and the perfect send off for the class of 2023.