The End of an Era: What Seniors Should Expect for Upcoming Weeks

Gabrielle Cassini, Staff Writer

On May 19th, seniors will make their way down to the Marriott Waterfront Hotel, for a night full of celebration, dancing, and delicious food. As seniors anticipate this special time of year, preparations have officially begun. 

Caroline Lee, Vice President of the senior class shares her hopes and feelings for the night. “I think this is what everyone looks forward to senior year. It’s going to be a really good experience,” says Lee.

With the class voting on the theme of Great Gatsby, the Marriott Hotel is expected to provide swanky decorations and bright lights from the 1920’s. 

But without the help from Lee and other student government officers, this event would not be possible. From Chick-fil-a fundraisers to spirit wear donations, Lee mentions a majority of those funds have gone into the budget of decorations and the venue for prom. 

Officers even attended the previous years’ senior prom to evaluate the venue and catering options. Eventually with the decision to keep the same venue, Lee says they were able to save even more money because of the “connections” they had.

Principal Samuel Wynkoop recognizes the hard work students have dedicated and says, “The ideas are really student run. It really is the philosophical part, [that] the kids do a lot.”

But still, many staff members enjoy being a part of the experience. Wynkoop expresses his personal thoughts and says, “It is very elegant, it’s beautiful, it’s downtown, [and] a lot of teachers like to go see the seniors’ last dance.”

Assisting the student government and their prom committee, staff members, Mr. Velton, and Ms. Heaps held monthly meetings supervising the planning. Dulaney administrators also work hard to hire a reliable security team keeping the environment safe for students. 

After the celebration, it is going to be a quick turnaround, leaving seniors with only 11 days until graduation. The graduation ceremony will be held in the Secu Arena at Towson University at 10am, with an estimated number of 3,000 people.

As Towson University is the location for all Baltimore County graduation ceremonies, the school board makes an effort to have 5-6 meetings with the BCPS graduation coordinators. Within these meetings topics such as formatting changes, and an overview of what the audience is expected of, is discussed.

Towson’s staff does a spectacular job accommodating decorations such as flowers and balloons, and other services like transportation. 

Steven Labbe, a graduation coordinator for Dulaney High values the help Towson provides and says, “It is such a well run program, and I enjoy being able to watch it.”

After the ceremony follows heartfelt words from the superintendent, valedictorian, class president and principal Wynkoop. Wynkoop expresses he is thrilled to speak and says, “I feel pretty honored that I get to stand in front of the best kids in Baltimore County.” 

After preparation, on behalf of the student government and other staff members, Dulaney High is delighted to hold yet another prom, and officially graduate the senior class of 2023!