Seniors’ photo accounts boost school spirit

Erin Patterson, Editor-in-Chief

School spirit is bouncing back after seniors Kevin Graziano and Ibo Bakir created Instagram accounts to post videos and pictures to encourage sport game attendance. The accounts promote home game times and where to buy tickets, if applicable. They also post winning scores of our Dulaney Lion’s sports teams.

Graziano started his Instagram account, @dulaneysports, in June 2022 and has surpassed over 900 Instagram followers. Originally the account was made due to a lack of school spirit towards Dulaney sports programs since Covid shut down schools in March 2020. 

Graziano said, “I thought if I started an Instagram it would allow our sports teams to gain the exposure necessary to bring school spirit back to where it should be”.

One of the most important uses of the account has been the ability to promote games supporting causes important to Dulaney students. Clubs such as Girl Up and N.O.O.W. created game themes and spread information on their clubs mission. Recently, the Daron Reid Memorial lacrosse game was advertised on the account. 

“The Dulaney students embrace these special games – packing the “lions den” and contributing to the themes”, Graziano said.

Bakir’s account,, started posting videos in December 2022. This account has recently hit 270 followers on Instagram. Bakir has filmed sports such as basketball, baseball, lacrosse and weight training. Bakir focuses on producing “hype” videos to make students excited and interested in attending games.

Bakir said, “Kevin Graziano was my main inspiration for creating this account. I saw how successful his account was and wanted to continue to help build school spirit with my skills in video production”. 

Next year, Graziano will attend Towson University to major in sports management and Bakir will attend University of Maryland. Both are interested in continuing their hobbies with media at their respective colleges.