Pichney’s pathway to success

Jackie Sibila, Editor

Senior Joe Pichney has found incredible success in all endeavors throughout his high school career. Not only is he an active member of three separate honors societies, he captained the men’s varsity soccer team this year leading them to a regional championship win and making the all-state team. He has also managed to maintain a 4.0 cumulative grade point average while balancing activities and taking multiple Advanced Placement (AP) classes. 

In addition, Pichney is involved in the service organization Wreaths Across America where Pichney said he strives to “help and support our veterans to pursue the opportunities they have provided us.” 

On top of all of these impressive feats, Pichney holds an internship position at Point Breeze Credit Union where he audits files, creates monthly reports and maintains journals three days a week. 

In the fall, he will be attending The University of Maryland, College Park with a major in operations management and business analytics. Pichney looks forward to the fresh start that comes with attending college as well as being able to find new possibilities and opportunities. 

As he prepares to leave behind Dulaney, Pichney believes that some of his most admirable achievements can be measured by those around him. 

“If my coach can tell me I’m a good athlete, if my teachers tell me I’m a good student, if my friends can tell me I’m a good friend, those are my biggest achievements.” 

Pichney has definitely left a mark on the Dulaney community and will continue to excel in the near future.