Increasing number of Dulaney seniors head to College Park

Summer Trivett, Staff Writer

Historically, Dulaney has a high number of students each year that attend the University of Maryland at College Park (UMD). It is in close proximity to home with in-state tuition with great academics and sports. However, this year, Dulaney has an even higher number of students attending than normal with 25 seniors so far.

A common deciding factor for many people is the location. UMD is a short ride away from Washington, D.C. which has many things to do like visiting historical sights and seeing cherry blossoms. UMD provides a metro that comes to campus and brings students to DC for the day.  

Senior, Loralei Twomley, says “I’m most excited to meet new people from different environments and have easy access to DC.”

There are also many educational activities in DC for students. Senior, Ava Morrow, is majoring in Government and Politics which UMD has a great program for, especially because of how close it is to DC. 

Morrow says, “My major corresponds well with internships in DC because of politics at The Hill.”

UMD is also close to home, making it a familiar place. Many people from Dulaney have visited UMD, attended sports games, and know alumni or current students.  

Senior, James Mexis, says “Living in Maryland my whole life, I’ve had many friends and family attend UMD, and I’ve heard nothing but great things about the school.” 

UMD sports are a big part of the school with 20 women’s and men’s Division 1 sports. Football games tend to have filled student sections as well as men’s basketball, especially during March Madness.  

Mexis says, “UMD is known for their sports which was a huge drawing factor for me to go there.”

Aside from sports, academic programs are very good at UMD. UMD has many programs such as the honors college and scholars’ program. The honors college offers an accelerated curriculum while providing access to higher level classes. The scholars’ program is a smaller group in UMD allowing students to participate in activities and be part of a community, while also offering early access to certain classes. Mexis, Morrow and Twomley were all accepted into the scholars’ program.  

Twomley says, “I chose the international studies sector because of my interest in different cultures and health around the world.”  

In addition to all of these great amenities that UMD offers, its in-state tuition is more affordable which gives students more flexibility with tuition of graduate schools after college. University of Maryland is a great choice  that propels Dulaney students toward success after high school.